Finally a way to Add Notes to your emails!
Annotate your emails right from the native Gmail™ interface, in an easy and intuitive way. Beautiful, useful - it is Notes for Gmail™
We are in open beta and our users base is growing fast every day. If you would like to get your hands on the product before anyone else, and receive special benefits after we go out of beta, please sign up now! It's free and we will be thrilled to receive your opinion on the product.

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Beautiful Notes in E-Mails

Annotate emails, add sticky notes to your Inbox or folders and never forget about important things again. Note related phone calls, To-Dos, findings, etc.
Besides, don't they just look stunning?

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Integrated Notes Search

Notes for Gmail will find your missing cat and go with you to the #movies. Just go to the gmail search box and enter a text. We will return a fully pageable list of notes along with your email search results. With #labels! How cool is that?

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Seamless Gmail™ Integration

Consistent user experience is a very important aspect of a user interface design, and we are well aware of it. Notes for Gmail™ extends native Gmail™ functionality in a way that looks as if it is a built-in functionality.

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Facebook and Twitter Sharing

We have included the ability to connect with two most important social media applications - Facebook and Twitter. You may post notes on your Facebook timeline as well as share them on Twitter with a click of a button.

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Hashtags and Labels

All annotated emails are automatically labeled with the "Notes" Gmail™ label. Finding all emails with notes is as easy as opening a folder. You may also label your notes using custom #hashtags, just as you do that on Twitter.

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Stick Them Anywhere

You may add notes to pretty much anything, staring from annotating emails or whole email threads, to adding notes to Inbox, Starred conversations or Chats, and ending with sticky notes to an email folder and creating virtual corkboards.

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Always in Sync Across Devices

How often is it that you access Gmail in different locations, on different workstations? We have supported this scenario from the beginning. Notes are kept in sync automatically, you don't need to set anything up.

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Pin to Inbox or Top of Email Thread

Notes can be pinned from emails directly to your Inbox for easy access; or if you have a long thread and one of the notes is buried deep down in the thread, you may pin it to the top of the thread as well for easy access.

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