Privacy Policy
To keep it simple while we are still in beta, we are going to be conceise here
  1. All data is transmitted over a secure, SSL connection
  2. Email access permission - We do not harvest your email content. We might set specific email properties, like adding for example a Notes gmail label. For that, an IMAP access to your email account needs to be enabled
  3. Contacts access permission - We do not harvest your contacts. This is to allow notes sharing and collaboration and other cool features later on
  4. Calendar access permission - We do not harvest your calendar data. This is to allow Google Calendar integration and other related features later on
  5. Notes storage - We store your message id along with the note related information in our secure US data-center. Data is kept private, is not shared and will never be shared with anyone else
Notes for Gmail™ is not affiliated in any way with Google™. Gmail™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
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